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Researchers, students and fellows that joined WSF journey into redefining sports betting and analytics

Internships & Graduation Theses

Fares Soltani

Data Science Intern

Fares is a Software Engineering student with a love with machine learning and deep learning models.

Mehdi Rachico

Data Science Intern

Mehdi is an Engineering student with a deep interest for behavioral sciences, statistics, data science and machine learning. Besides, he has a true passion for design.

Luigi Temperini

Marketing & Business Development Intern

Luigi has an interdisciplinary background with a Law degree and two masters in Digital Marketing and General Management.
He is an eclectic guy with several passions like sports, social media and Roma football club.

Vincenzo Di Sauro

Vincenzo graduated cum laude in Economics and Business and now he is attending the Quantitative Methods for Economics and Financial Evaluation Master degree.
His professional goal is to apply his analytical knowledge to his greatest passion: football. 

Andrea Debeni

Andrea is a Data Science Master‘s student at the University of Trento with a computer science background.
He is passionate about data and football and he is always eager to find new ways to describe this sport!

Giorgio Patania

Giorgio is an Economics and Management graduate with a Master in Sport Digital Marketing and Communication where he explored the analytical and digital aspects of the sports industry. His biggest goal is to combine his passion for football with the skills acquired through his studies.

Ranim Saidi

Ranim Saidi is an IT Engineering student who is passionate about Data Engineering and Computer Vision.

Besides she enjoys Deep Learning modelling using TensorFlow.

University & Research

Niccolò Salvini

Niccolò is currently pursuing a PhD in Healthcare Data Science. Previously he has been a freelancer, delivering machine learning and data pipelines as well as web apps with R and Python frameworks. He is a geek open source contributor and open data advocate. His passions range from spatial statistics applied to healthcare to design systems and visualization.

Vincenzo Nardelli

Vincenzo is a PhD student in Statistics. His work focuses on spatial statistics and econometrics models in particular with the use of unstructured big data and web data.
He is the founder of Data Network, a no-profit association promoting data literacy as well as Covstat, an Italian task force to make COVID-19 data accessible to all.

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