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A unique place where to learn the football analytics, deepen your knowledge in data science and improve your hard skills in a real SportsTech Company


Courses open to anybody who wants to start looking at data science as a mean of analyzing and predicting future performance of football players

Internships & Graduation Theses

All undergraduate students or graduates who want to attend an internship in a SportsTech firm or they have to write a dissertation for University

University &

University researchers or PhD students who want to help us improving our algorithm or deepen projects that WSF has in pipeline


Join the first Course regarding Football Data Science held by a SportsTech firm and discover what there is behind the scenes in Wall Street Football!


Understanding where and how to collect a large amount of data, analyzing results and evaluating footballers performance, forecasting the future actions of players on the pitch... These are only few subjects that we will cover during the Course!


If you want to deepen your knowledge in football data science, you want to add new hard skills focused on sports or you are simply a passionate about football and statistics and you curious to know how things work in WSF... This is the Course for you!


Anybody who is passionate about sports and with a basic knowledge of statistics.
The WSF Course will be taught in English by Prof. Michele di Marcantonio and Filippo Celleno.


The WSF Course will be held
January 27 at 7:00 pm CET.
It will be fully online and it will last 3 hours.

Course Teachers

Michele Di Marcantonio

Michele is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Ph.D. in Actuarial Sciences) and has years of professional experience as chartered accountant and legal auditor, specialized in valuation models and economic, financial and statistical studies. He is also Professor of Valuation Techniques in primary private universities and has a strong statistical and financial background.

Filippo Celleno

Filippo is an experienced Data Scientist with years of experience in different sectors such as Banking, Insurance and IT.

He has been part of the analytics team of Deutsche Bank, Airbnb and Indeed and currently holds the position of Head of Analytics at Wall Street Football.

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