Wall Street Football

Leveraging first class machine learning to provide the most accurate football players performance predictions

Our mission is to develop technologies that valorize data at the intersection of sport analytics, media entertainment, and gaming

Sports Betting

Innovative sport-tech company that moved sport betting from team results to individual performances, to allow betting on every action of the game.


Gaming & Infotainment

Sports media & entertainment company owning the largest football fans community (>5Mln) and gaming/infotainment proprietary platform.


Sports Analytics

Data-driven platform driving players and team performance through  specialized technology solutions to elevate overall performance results’.


Our vision is to lead the data and tech revolution that
will disrupt every aspects of sports

Media & Entertainment
The largest italian football fans community, media and infotainment platform
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Gaming & Play4Fun
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Our Technology

An extremely precise forecasting algorithm

Advanced Statistics

Cutting-edge econometric models and machine learning techniques to estimate probabilities.

Accurate and Tested

Extensively back-tested models using past championships’ data to verify their efficacy and accuracy.

…and a modular and scalable low latency platform
that processes thousands of events from the pitch in milliseconds

Fast & Configurable

Real-time and fully customizable APIs

Quick & Easy Integration

Less than a week of integration through our customizable APIs and agile methodology.

Scalable and Universal

Extensible and scalable configuration to any sport/event and any API.

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Wall Street Football

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