Wall Street Football


Innovative prediction model powered by Machine Learning and served by a scalable and extensible API


We use advanced econometric models and machine learning techniques in order to provide specific estimates for each single player. Some of the models and tools we use include: Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo simulations, classification and regression trees


Our algorithms are able to process huge amounts of historical data in order to detect patterns, estimate probability distributions and make accurate predictions for a wide range of sport events and performance indexes

Modern & performant

We use cutting-edge technologies to provide our clients with low latency and secure access to our services. Our API is scalable and trivial to integrate with


Analyses are fully automated and key parameters (e.g. house edge percentage, time horizon of bets, etc.) can be easily customized to suit the needs of customers


Our models are extensively back-tested using historical data of past football championships, in order to verify their efficacy and accuracy

Complex data, easy output

While our prediction model is advanced, the output is easy to understand. Probability predictions are expressed as intuitive percentages making our products easy to understand and trade for both financial users and bettors

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