Wall Street Football

Disruptive innovation can only originate from a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.

This is why we have put together a team of Academics, Data Scientists, Managers and Software Engineers to revolutionize betting, finance and fantasy sports.

Our Team

Giovanni Bertoli

CEO & Co-Founder

Marco Campanelli

Chief Technology Officer

Filippo Celleno

Head of Product

Luca Gugliotta

Business Management Advisor

Filippo Plazzotta

Strategy & Operations Lead

Yevgeniy Levin

Head of Engineering

Emanuele Boattini

Head of Data Science

Andrea Debeni

Data Engineer

Teo Zulian

Software Engineer

Omar Piga

Full Stack Developer

Raffaele Giordanelli

Full Stack Developer

Coming Soon

Software Engineer

Coming Soon

Software Engineer

Coming Soon

Data Scientist

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