Wall Street Football


Disruptive innovation can only originate from a diverse set of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. This is why we have put together a team of Academics, Data Scientists, Managers, and Software Engineers to revolutionize betting, finance and fantasy sports.

Giovanni Bertoli

CEO & Co-Founder

Giovanni is an entrepreneur with years of managerial experience at Google and an economic background (alumni of the London School of Economics).
He has a real passion for fantasy sports and football.

Fun fact: his bachelor dissertation was an economic analysis of football and his master dissertation was about online gambling regulation!

Michele Di Marcantonio


Michele is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Ph.D. in Actuarial Sciences) and has years of professional experience as chartered accountant and legal auditor, specialized in valuation models and economic, financial and statistical studies. He is also professor of Valuation Techniques in primary private universities and has a strong statistical and financial background.
Fun fact: football is not his sport.. once he scored two own goals in one match!

Marco Campanelli

Chief Technology Officer

Marco is a Software Engineer with a Master Degree in Computer Science.

He has experience in the e-commerce, banking, advertisement and travel industries and he specializes in high throughput, low latency applications.

He’s responsible for the architecture and development of Wall Street Football platforms.

Fun fact: Wall Street Football was actually the main sponsor of a 5 aside football team he played for!

Filippo Celleno

Head of Analytics

Filippo is a Data Scientist with years of experience in different sectors such as Banking, Insurance and IT.

Specialized in analytical problem solving for enterprises and passionate about football, fantasy football and AS Roma.

Fun fact: during college Filippo worked for 6 years at the Stadio Olimpico watching tons of live matches (including the Champions League final).

Yev Levin

Senior Data Scientist

Yevgeniy is a data scientist with broad experience across financial trading, consulting and travel industries where he has worked with low latency applications and high volumes of data. Fun fact: although not an active footballer nowadays, he once scored a winning goal from half way in the last minute.

Elisa Zanchetta

Chief Strategy Officer

Elisa is a management engineer with strategy consulting experience in various industries which involved innovation, strategy, technology and change.
In addition to her core competencies, Elisa has different passions including social media and the organization of large events where she acquired expertise during her professional life.
Fun fact: she has been taught what is an offside only once!

Diego Furtado

Software Engineer

Diego is a Software Engineer with experience on e-commerce, advertisement and banking industry. He specializes in restful API’s and event-driven applications. He’s responsible for the architecture and development of Wall Street Football platforms.

Gianluca Sabbatucci

Business Management Advisor

Gianluca is a program manager with an engineering background and a Dual Degree in MBA & Master in Business Analytics & Big Data. He has years of experience in strategy consulting, operations management and process improvement projects with a strategic and digital focus across various industries.

He is passionate about tech entrepreneurship, data science & analytics and happy to advice WSF on business management issues.

Luca Danesi

Business Management Advisor

Luca is a Googler with experience in business development and community management.

He has been working in the Tech industry for the last 7 years and he is a sports enthusiast.

Luca is proud to be advising WSF on brand awareness and business development.

Raffaele Liporace

Design and Marketing Consultant

Raffaele specializes in SMM Digital Consulting and Brand Management, with experience in guiding companies to improve their products and processes with the help of data, experiments, and lateral thinking.

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