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Player Props are bets on single elements of performance of individual football players (e.g. shots, passes, assists).
Bettors can bet pre-match or live that the amount of specific footballer actions will be more or less a certain threshold.

Under/ Over Fixed Odds Bets

Fixed Odd Bets are bets placed on the individual performance of football players. Individual performance is measured with our WSF Odds Performance Index or with Daily Fantasy Football score. Punters can bet on the fact that the future performance of a football player, during a certain match or segment of the season, will be higher or lower than a certain benchmark.


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Our mission is to move sports betting from team results to individual performances to allow betting on every action of the game

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A goal is awarded if the original attempt is on target. If the attempt is off target and deflected into the goal by an opponent, an own goal is usually awarded.


A shot is defined as any goal attempt.


Any intentional played ball from one player to another. It includes open play passes, goal kicks, corners and free kicks played as a pass, but exclude crosses, goalkeeper throws and throw-ins.


The final touch (pass, cross, completed pass, pass-cum-shot or any other touch) leading to the recipient of the ball scoring a goal.


Any intentional played ball from a wide position intending to reach a teammate in a specific area in front of the goal.


Any player who scores a Goal

Shot on Goal

A shot on target is defined as any goal attempt that goes into the net regardless of intent, and is a clear attempt to score that would have gone into the goal but saved by the last man with no chance of preventing the goal.

Completed Passes

Attempts that goes to a team ate directly without a touch from an opposition player ,and is a clear attempt to pass to a respective team mate.


A foul is defined as any infringement penalised as foul play by a referee that results in a free-kick or penalty event.

Yellow Cards

Cards are collected as yellow, second yellow or red card. Where possible, cards are cross-checked against official (referee) reports to match the official statistics, unless these are clearly incorrect.

First Goalscorer

First player who scores a Goal

Last Goalscorer

Last player who scores a Goal

1st Half Goalscorer

Any player who scores a Goal in the first half of the match



When the ball has left the field of play resulting in a corner. A corner won is collected for the team being awarded a corner, and corner lost for the team conceded a corner for the opposition team.

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