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Player Props are bets on single elements of performance of individual football players (e.g. shots, passes, assists).
Bettors can bet pre-match or live that the amount of specific footballer actions will be more or less a certain threshold.

Under/ Over Fixed Odds Bets

Fixed Odd Bets are bets placed on the individual performance of football players. Individual performance is measured with our WSF Performance Index or with Daily Fantasy Football score. Punters can bet on the fact that the future performance of a football player, during a certain match or segment of the season, will be higher or lower than a certain benchmark.

Spread Bets

Spread Bets are those where the punters can win all the spread between the final performance of the player and the benchmark provided. However they cannot lose more than the amount initially bet.

WSf Live performances

All odds are updated in less than 0.5 seconds, allowing WSF to be the fastest provider on the market!

At peak times

~10 matches

~200 players simultaneously

9 props available

All our products are customizable based on client needs. Other sports coming soon. Contact us to know more.

Betting services

We predict the future performance of footballers analyzing the historical data with the help of advanced statistical, actuarial and financial models powered by AI

  • Prediction

    Forecasts on specific events (e.g. goals made, no. of assists, etc.) and the overall individual performances of players

  • Event Creation and Pre-Odd Services

    New bets on players’ future performance are priced using financial and actuarial models

  • Live Betting

    We issue and price live bets, with automatic and real time update of odds during each sport event

  • Risk Management

    We offer portfolio management services, updating the odds of bets in real time to ensure the desired house edge percentage

  • Liquidity and capital gain possibility

    We offer a bid price for repurchasing bets, allowing users to re-sell their bet before its expiry date and even make profit in terms of capital gain


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